We continue with a look at some of the biggest stories of the year. They're not ranked 1-10, just more of the big news in our region. COVID, Inslee, Election, Sports and more. Here we go.

  • Gov. Inslee Heckled so Badly, Press Conference Driven Indoors at CBC.  As far as we can recall, it had been a few years since Gov. Inslee had visited the Tri-Cities. In fact, we couldn't remember the last time. But when he showed up at CBC for a press conference about Benton-Franklin Counties changing phases, he had to move indoors due to a very vocal group of protesters June 30. CLICK HERE for story and video of protesters.
  • GOP Governor's candidate Loren Culp visited the Tri-Cities not once, but twice. Labor Day Sunday, and Oct. 21st. During the latter visit, the crowd was significantly bigger, well over 1,000. The crowd also learned at that time that rocker Ted Nugent had thrown his support behind Culp, and was actually (behind the scenes) helping to script his rock and roll concert type rallies. CLICK HERE for story.
  • Over 400 area students march in Kennewick, demanding schools re open.  There were a number of student led marches protesting the school closures due to COVID, but the Oct. 28th event was by far the largest. Well over 400 students left Lampson Stadium, from the parking lot down 4th Ave. to Vancouver and back, and circled the KSD Admin building four times. They carried signs, flags, chanted, and demanded schools re open. CLICK HERE for the story.
  • Alleged stalker mistakenly linked to string of cat killings.  A series of early summer gruesome cat killings in Kennewick and the Tri-Cities were 'linked' on social media to a man accused of stalking a former girlfriend, and possibly killing hers and other cats. The man, who dressed up like the Joker from Batman, was cleared from the incidents, turns out later coyotes were blamed for the deaths. Aside from "The Joker," this story hit a nerve with people, the brutal killings of animals. CLICK HERE for the story.
  • Man fatally shot by police linked by DNA to brutal assault. His fatal shooting started a "Justice" movement after George Floyd's death.  Gordon Whitaker was fatally shot in Kennewick in February by police, after a late night altercation that began after he reached for a weapon. Whitaker and another man were confronted by Police in downtown Kennewick along the river, and when questioned, began to run, then turned and began to pull a gun. It was later found in bushes. His death, and subsequent investigation, led to a Justice for Gordon push that was 'inspired' by the George Floyd incident. However, it quickly disappeared in June when the forensic investigaton tied him to a brutal January home invasion robbery where the victim later ID'd him as one of the suspects. CLICK HERE for the story.

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