Greg Delange will be back from Cabo tomorrow with a sun burn and can't wait to ask if his "Man Card" arrived in the mail while he was gone. See, a few months ago we revoked his Man Card for having never seen the movie "Tombstone." So he went online and ordered a new one! It should be here by now, so we're hoping it came while he was gone. If it did, what is your bet as to how long he'll keep it this time?

Part of the problem is there is disagreement as the rules. So earlier this week we asked YOU to tell us what kind of infractions deserve a revoking of the Man Card. Here's what you said:

11 percent - Taking photos of yourself in the mirror

10 percent - Waxing

9 percent - Agreeing to match your outfit with your woman

8 percent - Sitting down on the toilet for No. 1 because your woman makes you

6 percent - Knowing the words to "Call Me, Maybe"

6 percent - Not paying for a date

6 percent - Wearing tight jeans

6 percent - Not knowing your vehicle's model and year

5 percent - Going back to a woman who cheated on you

5 percent - Asking your woman to drive during a date

Other popular answers included:

Using pet names in public

Owning soundtracks to musicals

Having any idea what the Tony Awards are

Driving a mini-van