A video has gone viral of a toddler putting their hands up as Police arrest her father on a traffic stop.

I grew up in a family where crime and arrests are rampant and it's sad to see this video of a young toddler getting out of her father's truck with her hands up as her father was getting arrested.

The video has gone viral as the 2 year old girl imitated her father as he was getting  arrested by police in a traffic stop in Tallahassee Florida. A 1 year old was still strapped into their car seat as the arrest took place but the 2 year old decided to get out of the truck unaided and approached the officers.

Tallahassee Police quickly responded by saying "it's OK" and comforted her.

There had been speculation that a gun had been aimed at the child but the police cam show a different angle with Police comforting the little girl and getting her to safety.

I sadly grew up in a family like this where police where considered "bad" and it makes me ill seeing a video like this.

I can't imagine how sad it must be for a little girl at 2 years of age to understand putting her hands up and getting arrested.

You hope that social services will step up and make sure both children are taken care of.


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