Have you ever driven down Palmyra Drive in Pasco and thought, well this is a silly time for a yard sale?  Or maybe you were driving by and wondered, gosh, is that yard sale ever going to end? Well, it turns out it's not a yard sale at all. But it has been going on for quite some time. It's actually a free library!  It all started when the pandemic hit last March, and Juanita De Luna decided to put a library in her front yard. She's a former teacher and nurse and says she loves to read. Many books are donated to her, And not just kids books either, but adult books too. Yes, it's all free and you can stop by any time. And if that weren't enough, which by the way it is, she also gives away handmade masks in both children's and adult sizes. I think everyone is a germaphobe these days, so she even covers all of the books in plastic and makes sure they are cleaned when they are returned. So the next time you are out and about and feel the need for a good read, stop by her free front yard library any time of day on Palmyra Drive in Pasco.

This gives me a great idea. I read a ton of articles every day but I don't read books...I always wait for the movie. Maybe I should start a free DVD and Blue Ray library in my front yard! No...wait...I only have about 10 DVD's and watch mostly Netfilx and Prime, so maybe next pandemic.



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