I have a special dislike for car thieves. Probably anyone who has had a car stolen does.

Back in the 90's I was working at a radio station in Chicago. We lived in the suburbs and it was a 45 minute commute, one way. Where the radio station was located, in the heart of Chicago, there were plenty of parking garages, but man were they expensive. So most of the morning show staff liked to park on the street and save a little money. Since we were the first to arrive at zero-dark-thirty, we had our pick of parking spots. The problem was...car thieves. Your vehicle was generally safe in the expensive parking garages, but not so much on the street. So I decided to outsmart the bad guys looking to steal my car. I bought an old Chevy Blazer to use as my commuter car and left my newer vehicle at home. There's no way anyone would touch that piece of junk, right? Wrong! When I left the building one day to go home, there was another car in my spot and car window glass all over the place! I did get my Blazer back...the police found it, minus the driver side window and the battery. They didn't even take time to remove the battery with a wrench, they just cut the cables.

So keep an eye out for this truck and let's put one more car thief behind bars!

STOLEN BLACK 2012 F-150 PICKUP, WA LICENSE C71165J: The photo is of the actual stolen pickup, taken Tuesday morning...

Posted by Pasco Police on Wednesday, January 13, 2021


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