If his bail were actually paid, it would probably double the City of Stanfield budget for a year.

Stanfield OR police report a suspect who was arrested by Umatilla County Sheriffs Thursday had no fewer than 20 outstanding charges pending for him. But his bail? That was off the charts. Apparently the suspect, Ricardo Lara Guttierez, has been a busy man.

Here's a list, provided by the Stanfield Police Department, of the charges, and the bail totals $391,000. That's what he would have to pay to walk out. And, they're not all exactly 'petty' crimes either.


3 counts of 164.265- CRIM TRESPASS W/FIREARM [Misdemeanor] Bail: $15000
1 count of 166.190/I- POINTING FIREARM AT ANOTHER (INTIMIDATION/THREAT) [Misdemeanor] Bail: $5000
1 count of 163.235- KIDNAP I (HOSTAGE) [Felony] Bail: $0
1 count of 163.190/I- MENACING (INTIMIDATION/THREAT) [Misdemeanor] Bail: $5000
1 count of 162.315- RESIST ARREST (SIMPLE ASSAULT) [Misdemeanor] Bail: $5000
4 counts of 164.365- CRIMINAL MISCHIEF I (VANDALISM) [Felony] Bail: $40000
3 counts of 164.272- UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY MOTOR VEHICLE [Misdemeanor] Bail: $15000
1 count of 164.225/R- BURGLARY I (RESIDENCE) [Felony] Bail: $50000
1 count of 164.415/R- ROBBERY I (RESIDENCE) [Felony] Bail: $250000
2 counts of 000.0000- In-State Hold [Felony] Bail: $0
1 count of 000.0000- In-State Hold [Misdemeanor] Bail: $6000

Total Bail: $391000

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