This amazing city park has a firefighter's memorial, a war memorial, a fire-house-themed playground, and is bordered by a deep stretch of grass on one side and a beautiful mural on the other. A historic church with amazing stained glass is nearby and a fun antique mall is just down the road. And those aren't even the main attraction!

Teapot Dome Service Station is the FUNNEST way to learn U.S. history. About 100 years ago a U.S. secretary of the interior accepted some "gifts" from oil companies for awarding them leases for the military's oil reserves in Wyoming and California. When the "gifts" were discovered it was arguably the largest political scandal to date. To mock the party of the secretary, those who preferred to vote otherwise began erecting "teapot" monuments as reminders of the partisan folly. One such monument was built in Zillah, Washington, one hour from Tri-Cities.

The teapot building served as the office/store for a gas station for decades before it was purchased by the city and moved to the city park. You can still see highway signs inviting you to visit the national historic site. Kids LOVE IT!


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