I don't know if you spotted this story from last weekend about a very loyal Golden Retriever named Todd who saved his owner from

rattlesnake doggie Photo by Paula Godwin

a poisonous rattlesnake bite in Arizona. Todd is just 6 months old and got between the snake and his human in Anthem, AZ last weekend and took one for the team. From the photo it appears Todd (how cute that his name is Todd) got immediate medical attention and hopefully will recover like the little loyal hero he is.... That is why I love Dogs more that most humans!

By the way did you know there is a vaccine available for dogs that will protect them from Rattlesnake bites? might be a good idea for dog owners who hike around the Tri-Cities...I had a terrifying encounter with a Rattler a few years ago near Palouse Falls!!

God Speed Todd get well soon!!

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