Friday night/Saturday morning early, this guy prowled our neighborhood in West Richland. He took the work bag out of my truck. Officer Kevin Long with WRPD rang our doorbell at 5:30 am Saturday and returned it! THANK YOU, SIR! The thief wasn't impressed with my day planner, some documents and my headphones and scattered them about a block away. He apparently didn't care for my Sony headphones, or didn't want to carry them as he continued his prowl.

Here's the lesson:
LOCK YOUR VEHICLES AT NIGHT! Mine is always locked. I shake my head at people who don't lock up in stories like this. But I remember needing something from my truck that evening and failed to lock it before I went to bed. Now I'm THAT GUY.

Anyone with information is asked to call non-emergency dispatch at 628-0333. WRPD Case #17-02011.

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