I lost my father to cancer a few years ago and as father's day approaches I am reminded how much I miss him and of the funny things he use to say...and now I say to my boys.  Check out the list and post yours - you could win a new grill!

(1) "Ask you mother" or  "have you talked with your mother yet."

(2) "Money doesn't grow on trees!"

(3) "I don't care what other parents say!"

(4) "Be careful what you wish for."

(5) "You kids don't know how lucky you have it."

(6) "Why can't you be more like your sisters."

(7) "I'm sure it's just growing pains."  (said about any ailment I might be suffering from)

(8) "There's plenty of girls to go around, take your time."

(9) "Wait til your mother comes home."

(10) "Get out of the shower, now"!

(11) "When I was your age we use to have to get up to change the channel on the TV."

What does your dad say? Go HERE and upload a photo of dad and post one of your favorite, memorable lines from dad.  You could win a new grill for dad!

Happy father's day!