When I think of a treehouse, I reflect back to my early teen years and the excitement I had when my friends and I built a treehouse in the vacant lot in the neighborhood. I have a vivid memory of accomplishment when we rolled out our sleeping bags and stayed the night - in a tree. It was built with old 2x4's, plywood floors, and walls. Well, treehouses in 2021 look much different, and they're even more inviting.

If you're looking to spice up your weekend getaway lodging experience, I'm pretty sure staying in one of these cozy treehouses would do it. A close friend told me about this place located about 30 minutes east of Seattle in Fall City, called Treehouse Point.

The property includes multiple treehouses with varying accommodation sizes. All of them are meticulously built and magical - nestled in a beautiful forest area with a pond. If you have some extra cash and want a treehouse of your own - they'll build one for you or you can purchase the plans and do it yourself. Scroll down and take a tour of a few of their treehouses.

These Magical Treehouses in Washington Are the Perfect Romantic Getaway

If you're looking to unplug and get away from it all, these beautiful treehouses near Seattle will do the trick. These are just a few of the treehouses you can book at Treehouse Point

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