Is it just me, or is selling items that the Unabomber once owned to the public a little creepie or what? Any money made during the auction will be given to the victims and their families, but still. What happened to a church bake sale or car wash, or the tried and true yard sale. What next, the fall fashion show at San Quinton, featuring all the prison clothes worn by Charlie Manson. How about storage wars, featuring items inside Ted Bundy's storage shed in Seattle. Or my favorite, Jeffery Dahlmers cook book sale, with all proceeds going to the local soup kitchen. Look, these people are sick, and they killed people, take there belongings and put them in a deep hole and cover it. How about our wonderful Government stop giving money to companies so they can  develop a better bug spray, and put aside a victims fund for people who really need it.Read on, you decide

You can now own a piece - or pieces - of Ted Kaczysnki.

Several items once owned by the Unabomber himself are going on the auction block, with the proceeds raised going to his victims.

Among the more interesting and well-known of Kaczysnki's belongings for sale are the gray sweatjacket and aviator disguise, the typewriter on which he wrote most of his letters, his college and graduate school diplomas, and a rough draft of his UNABOM manifesto.

You can also bid on nearly two dozen diaries and several pairs of glasses, as well as a slew of tools. Or, you can avoid creeping out all your friends and family and not bid on anything. Just sayin'.