Well, most of you know I'm trying to sell my house! I love my house. It's a great location, close to everything. And it's affordable.  But, have long since been trying to find a place with acreage again so I can have my horses at home. It's so funny trying to live in a house that your trying to sell. Because it needs to remain immaculate!

I have two big dogs and in this heat, I hate to keep them outside. But, if they are inside, you can bet they are going to get nose smudges on the windows and drag their little dirty paws in and out the doggy door to track in dirt on the carpet. It's just hilarious how much I chase them around with a vacuum.

I wish I was rich and I could just buy the house I've made an offer on, move out and then sell my house! But, I'm not. So, I'm just runnin' round like a crazy woman. Trying to keep my dogs with me all day, so the house can be shown.

I hear interest rates are on the rise, so hoping to make this all happen before they climb high!

So cross your fingers for me! And I'll keep ya posted! And if you know anyone looking for a house in W. Pasco,  off Rd 100 tell them to ask Melinda Slater at Windemere in Richalnd to show them Faith Martin's house! :)