Well another Water Follies is in the can. We’ll see all our friends next year. It was another successful event with everyone having fun for 2 days watching planes, hydroplanes, babes, boys, and rooster tails.

Once the sun caught up with the alcohol consumption I did hear some people saying some very interesting things. I mean not things that would change the world or cure cancer or bring us world peace but some little tidbits that I can’t get out of my head. So here goes. Here is my list of the TOP 5 Things that Bear heard at the hyrdoplane races this weekend

#5 Hey! Did I just swim thru a warm spot?

#4. Hey Chuck If you do that the water will turn blue!

#3. You mean there is alcohol in the jello?

#2. Sometime today I will complete an entire sentence

#1 GO Monkey!

There you have it! I can hardly wait to see what next year brings. Well…See you at the fair! I can’t wait!