Thanks to information provided by the Tri-City Water Follies Organization, and information from our news partner KNDU-NBC TV, here's how the 2021 Boat Races and events will go down.

Now do remember, some of these limitations could change come July 1, when WA state is supposed to "fully open up" according to Inslee and officials.

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This information below doesn't take into account vaccinated sections or possible relaxing of crowd limits. Here's what's in effect for today, by way of KNDU-TV and Water Follies Director Kathy Powell:

  • "Hospitality tents have been eliminated. The banks will be open for the public.
  • Tickets will be limited to 9,000 spectators on the Kennewick side and 9,000 on the Pasco side. In total 18,000 tickets will be available.  
  • Tickets will be available towards the end of June. 
  • Daily General Admission Tickets and VIP parking will be available.
  • Tickets will also be sectioned into "zones" for the Pasco and Kennewick side.
  • Vendors will be limited to comply with the Governor's outdoor dining guidelines."

That last one is kind of broad-based, and like the potential, possible crowd size changes, could be modified as time goes on.

9,000 is the 'standard' one-size-fits-all edict for crowds thrown out by the state and Inslee.  Not entirely sure where they got that number, there's never been a breakdown or explanation of why the number 9K is used.

It is not yet known if vaccination sections will allow for greater capacity, besides, it is an outdoor the summer, where the effect of COVID are reportedly lessened by warmer weather.

Fans are encouraged to check the Water Follies website a time or two each week for updates and more information.

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