It's that time of year and it is prime time! If you haven't made plans to hit the slopes, I highly suggest you do so now! The snow is powder perfect! My daughter, Kamrace went snowboarding this weekend at Bluewood Ski Resort and said it was beautiful! Here are a few pictures that shows just exactly how much new snow they have received! The Kord Waking Crew has your hookup during the Mind-bender! Woody and Janis will be giving away a lift ticket every morning during the season this year, it is a $47.00 value and there are no restrictions!

Hours of operation are as follows:

Open December 20 - Dec 31 (9a-4p)
Open December 24 (9a-2p)
Open December 26-31 (9a-4p)

Open January 1 (9a-4p)
Open Wednesdays through Sundays every week (9a-4p)
Open Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 21 (9a-4p)

Open Wednesdays through Sundays every week (9a-4p)
Open Presidents Day, February 18 (9a-4p)

Open Thursdays through Sundays every week (9a-4p)

For more information on pricing and restrictions please click HERE