Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I ran across a post in Benton City's Real News and Information group. It was from Connie who wanted to know who you're supposed to call if you see a couch in the Yakima River. Naturally, some of the comments were hilarious, like Walter who suggested Dive Rescue. Terry was curious if anyone needed a coffee table to throw in the water in front of it because she has one. Amanda says leave it there incase someone wants to 'lounge n' fish.' Vicki is pretty sure this is part of a new Couch Surfing trend.

But right about the time I start to feel angry about the dingleberry who is responsible for disposing of an old couch by just throwing it in the river, the Facebook thread reveals more information about this soggy piece of furniture. It turns out that someone hung it from a tree as a swing. So maybe hooligans cut it down and shoved it in the river, or it was knocked into the water by a storm. One commenter says the city cut down the tree and it's their fault, but I think they were joking.



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