Two years ago for Christmas I received a gift from my daughter that will always be the most thoughtful, precious gift ever. It was a homemade necklace with two keys on it with a letter. The letter was a recap of her childhood and how grateful she was for everything and then there was a note that accompanied the necklace. The note basically said this....

Here are two keys, one is new and one is old. The old one symbolizes something of the past and at one point in it's life it was VERY significant in someones life. Had that key gone missing or been lost it would have caused great stress and anxiety. What had once been VERY important was eventually found years later at a Goodwill shop among other inanimate object and was purchased for just pennies.

What my daughter was sending  was a priceless message in the form of a necklace she made for probably a dollar. The old key was a lesson, it said whatever it is in my life RIGHT NOW that is stressing me out and causing me anxiety will one day become irreverent and tossed out and forgotten! The new key was a symbol to remember to live in the new and the now!! I have worn that necklace without fail every single day, it is truly the best gift I have ever received!

So that all being explained now I can move onto the next most thoughtful gift! My parents have saved every single key they have ever needed for ANYTHING! From my first clunker of a car to my first job (they changed the locks I kept the old key), old house keys to our family home, keys to jewelry boxes, cabinets in the house we grew up in, Hotel keys from family vacations... every imaginable possible key! My sweet Mother is making my daughter a wind-chime from the history of keys she has collected throughout all of our lives! So as the wind blows and they mingle together they will make musical memories for her to forever listen to.