The ORIGINAL "Most Interesting Man in the World", Jonathan Goldsmith, has a memoir out where he talks about feuding with Dustin Hoffman and Clint Eastwood and nailing Tina Louise....a.k.a. Ginger from "Gilligan's Island".

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Those Dos Equis commercials really were the biggest break he ever got. But he's been a working actor since the early 60's. And also quite the swordsman. In fact he used to hang out at a coffee ship inside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel because Warren Beatty lived in the hot women were always showing up there hoping to meet him. And he would score with them by saying, quote, "Hi! Are you waiting to see Warren? Well, Warren's tied up at the moment. But he asked me to buy you a drink" (GENIUS!!!)

Goldsmith's many conquests included one of Groucho Marx's wives, Henry Fonda's mistress, two congressman's wives and Tina Louise. Goldsmith had an early feud with Dustin Hoffman when they were both struggling to make it in New York. They often competed for roles because the were both short and "swarthy" Jews. One time things boiled over, and Goldsmith yelled, quote, "I know why you don't like me. Because I'm going to make it and you're not." He now says, quote, "over the next 40 years, I would have those words to eat."

He made an enemy of Clint Eastwood. He was in Clint's 1968 western "Hang 'em High" but he gave the business to Clint's girlfriend, so they never spoke again after that.

He's now shilling Astral tequila, with the brilliant new slogan: "I told you I don't always drink beer"

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