Now that the conversion of the Albertsons on the corner of Gage and Keene into a Safeway is complete, it's on to the next one as the total annihilation of Albertsons stores continues.
I always liked Albertsons a little more than Safeway, but I really couldn't tell you why. Safeway saved up all their pennies and nickels and bought all the Albertsons stores in a huge merger in 2014. Why not change all the safe ways to Albertsons? Hell, I don't know, they didn't invite me to that meeting (it's okay, I hate meetings).
Now the Albertsons on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick is turning into a Safeway. A few changes according to the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business is that they will redo the bathrooms, and relocate the pharmacy, plus a new drive-thru window will be added. They're going to sink about $1.25 million into the upgrades, so those bathrooms should be pretty damn nice!
Below is what a similar 'extinction machine' might look like in action...

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