I'd like to thank the Richland Police Department for the heads up on this one! I have not heard of this prior to them posting it on their Facebook page, and I wouldn't have imagined that it could be so different from the last coronavirus relief payment.

Apparently, some people are getting a Visa card in their mailbox that they might naturally assume is a scam or a promotional offer. And what is the first thing you do when you get credit card garbage in your mailbox? Yep, you shred it and/or throw it out! I am trying to think now if I have done this recently. Did I throw away free money? My first coronavirus stimulus money was direct deposit. But apparently some folks who got direct deposit the first time, got the Visa card the second time. And from what I am reading in the comments, there's even a thirdoption. So we have direct deposit, now the Visa card, and apparently, even government checks are going out to some people. Can this get any more confusing? Maybe sending out the VISA cards with no PSA campaign about it is the government's way of saving money. They probably expect you to throw it away! Wouldn't surprise me. Clever, clever, they are. LOL. There's a link in the Facebook post from the Richland Police Dept. below that you can click on to see how to activate your free money VISA if you get. Read the comments in the post also...lots of folks are chiming in with good info.

Not A Scam! That card in the mail could be your stimulus payment.

We have received calls from community members who...

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Friday, January 29, 2021



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