My wife got an Amazon package a few weeks ago and this item was in there as a freebie. It came with a little tag that said something about anti-bacterial or germ-free use. We shrugged and didn't give it a second thought and the little tag got thrown away. It sat on my dresser for a few weeks and I finally picked it up and asked...what's this thing again? She said she had no clue other than a stylus. Neither one of us use a stylus on our tablets or phones, so I guess we'll just toss it.

But curiosity got the best of me. Like when I was a kid and couldn't figure out how the refrigerator light came on. I must have opened and closed that old Frigidaire a hundred times before I found the button that operates the light.

So I posted a pic of it on our station Facebook page, and thank you so much to those that solved the mystery and let me sleep better at night!

Jami said: A button pusher and door opener. You open doors with the hooked end and push buttons with the stylus.

Kristel said: So you don't have to touch pin pads when paying and doors when you open them. Just hook it and pull for the door and stylus to use as a "pen" or to push buttons at gas stations and when paying. Covid has made these very popular!

Amy said: Looks like a door opener, so you don’t have to touch the door.

And while I do appreciate the honest and true answers, my favorite comment came from Megan: One brass knuckle

:-D :-D :-D


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