As I was leaving the KORD studio and heading to the office building, I heard the sound of a shovel on the sidewalk scraping snow. It was only 7:30 or so, so I knew none of the office staff was here yet, so I went out front to investigate. That is when I met Mr. Skip Abbeet. Skip was passing through on his way to the train yard to catch something southbound for thewinter.Skip said he was no stranger to the business end of a shovel, and it looked like we could use some help with the snow situation. I could tell by his clothes that he probably had been on the road for some time, so I asked him what size of pants and shirt he wore. It was then I noticed some boxes of clothes in the back of Greg's  car, and I remember him saying he was moving. Long story short, I gave him Greg's Clothes and a twenty dollar bill. I suggested that he not come by for a while wearing his new duds until Greg cooled off. Skip thanked me and said back in the day when he was a big shot Radio station manager, he use to wear nice clothes and had tons of friends. Judging by the crooked teeth and rank smell, I would guess that it had been at least a week or two since he last worked. I had to make skip finish shoveling the walks, after he got his box of clothes he wanted to bolt. Easy does it old man, finish what you started. Good bye Skip Abbeet, and happy trails.

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