This year's "Christmas for Children" was the most successful in nearly a decade! Lutheran Social Services is wrapping the gifts today and reported back enough toys were donated to give every child in foster care in Benton and Franklin counties at least two! Our hearts were especially touched by the sacrifice of a child named Emily.

Emily heard about Christmas for Children on the radio in the car with her mother. She told her mom she wanted to help donate gifts for foster children. Her mom said, "If you work real hard and earn some extra money for the next couple weeks, I'll take you shopping."

Emily worked her tail off and did not forget. When she felt she had enough money, she and her mother went shopping. They went to Beaver's Furniture, one of the locations mentioned on the radio, to drop off the toys Emily had purchased. Kim and Jeremy at Beaver's Furniture took the photo.

Scott Langlois
Scott Langlois

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