I read this article today about the top-selling cars from years past, and it brought back memories of cars I have owned in the past.

My first car was a hand me down, but I didn't care, it got me from a to b. It was a 1966 Dodge Dart, 4 door with a slant six engine and rusted chrome rims, it was perfect. I put carpet in the back window, and added the Jenson 6x9 speakers with an in-dash AM/FM cassette player. Topped it off with new seat covers and a leather steering wheel cover, and pine tree air freshener. That old thing got about 10,000 miles per gallon, and you could fill it up for about 4 bucks. I think my favorite car was my 74 Camero, 350 under the hood, dual exhaust, 3 speed with my Hurst shifter knob. Had a plast in that car, what a chick magnet, and I needed all the help I could get. Check out the top selling cars of the last 50 years, and leave me a comment. What's the best car you ever owned?