After lengthy negotiations and bargaining, it appears there's now an agreement between the Kennewick Teachers Union and the Kennewick School District.

Late Tuesday night, this message was posted on the KEA (Kennewick Eduation Association) Facebook page:

"After 16 hours, we can finally go home. We appreciate the messages of support. 12:30 a.m. and still here.....But we have a TA!
It is crucial that we have a big turn out tomorrow for the school board rally at 4:45 and come to the meeting at 5:30. Then plan on being at the General Membership Meeting on August 20th at 4:00. Also, check home e-mail tomorrow for your Buzz. We will have to save many details for Monday's meeting. Once we present it on Monday, it is up to you, our members, to decide whether to ratify."

The bargaining was over teacher raises and salaries, something going on all over the state. Due to an infusion of some $2 billion dollars to education by way of the McCleary Decision, districts all over the state have seen their teacher's unions bargain for pay increases. The money was set aside by the Legislature as intended for such a purpose.

Pasco and Richland have not reached agreements yet, they continue to negotiate. You may recall three years ago, 9 school days were lost in Pasco over a teacher strike.

However, this is a tenative agreement and must be voted upon and approved by the Kennewick Teachers Union. A number of sources believe it will pass easily.

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