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I Couldn’t Believe What Was in My ‘Man Bag’ [PHOTOS]
A coworker noticed the duffel bag I bring to work with me each morning and wanted to know what was in it. I told him it was just notebooks, printed emails, meds and maybe a snack or two -- same thing men put in briefcases. He accused me of having a man purse so I agreed to empty it out and prove oth…
Are You Enjoying the New (Sorta) KORD Waking Crew?
It's the first morning of Greg & Woody Waking Crew and we're having a blast! We're giving away money, Words of the Day, taking birthdays and receiving warm welcomes on the phones.
Here's what Steve Woods' fortune cookie said about this week:
Watch the video for t…
Plastic Surgery Sabbatical?
Rumors have been BUZZING about  Greg! What has he been doing with his time off? Many imaginary sources have been leaking information about Greg's whereabouts.
Last week Greg was seen walking outside of 'South Beach Cosmetic Surgery for Men' in Miami...