As you're setting a game plan for your after-Thanksgiving shopping, remember to show "Small Business Saturday" some love.

Small Business Saturday

The brainchild of American Express and promoted via Facebook, the iniative is an effort to remind people to support "mom-and-pop" stores during the holiday shopping surge.

Nov. 26, 2011, is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday.  According to a press release from the company, small businesses that accepted American Express saw a 28-percent rise in sales volume from people using the card during last year's event compared to the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2009.

To save words, American Express is also promoting the initiative as "Shop Small."

Buy American, Buy local

According to Jeanne Yocum with, last year's event had an impact nationally and is an opportunity to make a big difference in small communities. In addition to keeping dollars local, the day serves as a reminder of -- or an education about -- the importance of buying American, eating locally-grown food, and supporting real job creators.

She shared the following graphic for teaching the impact of buying locally:

Why Buy Local InfographicSource:

If Inclined, Join the Occupy Movement

Some people are taking Small Business Saturday a little further. If you do not love national retailers in addition to the local ones, you can support a boycott of big stores.

Black Friday Blackout is an initiative brought to you by the Occupy Whatever movement. They are encouraging people to protest corporate retailers on Friday and do their after-Thanksgiving shopping at mom-and-pop retailers on Saturday. Check out a related story.

Local stores participating

Papa John's Tri-Cities and Schreiber & Sons are offering specials for Small Business Saturday. How do I know?

Both took advantage of free advertising offered on Post 100 words and one image that is 150 by 150 pixels.

American Express also offers tools for advertising Small Business Saturday on Facebook, so you have several options.