It's almost Christmas and you haven't shopped for your wife or girlfriend yet. You're out of ideas and are getting desperate. Do not despair, here is your salvation:

A woman once overheard that I was having trouble shopping for Valentine's Day. She said the weirdest thing: buy her shoes. I said, "What?"

"You want your lady to dress pretty for you, right?"

"I guess."

"Don't you think she wants to know what you think is pretty? Don't you like it when she buys you things she thinks you'll look sexy in? Trust me... shoes."

I trusted her... and the results were amazing. So at the top of my list is:

1) pair of women's boots

2) high heels (I knew a woman who ALWAYS had sexy shoes and I found out later her husband bought them)

3) a purse

Next think about stuff you could do together that is outside the realm of "your idea of fun vs. her idea of fun." Go with something you BOTH like, or is totally different.

4) a couple's massage

5) a romantic night in Seattle

6) a romantic night in Portland

7) a romantic night in Coeur d'Alene

8) rent a cabin in the woods

9) plan a date night that includes babysitter, entertainment, dinner and dessert. The planning is as much the gift as the money you spend.

10) go on a scavenger/treasure hunt to the places where you first met or first when to when you started dating.

If you're not feeling any of these ideas so far, go with something you know she would enjoy, and makes you feel uncomfortable just purchasing it. Think about it: you already have 2-3 ideas but the idea of just walking into that store makes you feel unmanly. Well, just like how changing dirty diapers and washing dishes makes you sexy, laying your man card on the line for her big gift will lead to a big payoff later:

11) gift card to her favorite stylist

12) Victoria Secret perfume (Love Spell is really popular this year)

13) tattoo gift card

14) a personalized cell phone case

15) dancing lessons (yes, you will have to go also)

16) couples massage

17) mani+pedi or pedi+ massage

18) a necklace featuring your anniversary date on it

And if you're still stumped, you may just be overlooking the obvious, safe choices:

19) gift card to have her vehicle detailed

20) concert tickets

21) movie tickets and ice cream gift card FOR HER TO USE WITH HER BFF

22) a mouse pad, blanket or canvas bag with a photo of her cat or your kids on it

23) a hand-written love letter with a cheap piece of jewelry tucked inside

24) flying lessons

25) expensive wine

Those are really solid ideas brother. If you're still stuck the problem is you or you have a really quirky woman. Maybe try to make her laugh with a DAMMIT DOLL

or make her cry with a toy from her childhood she talks about all the time but no longer owns (original My Little Ponies, a locket, or music box)

or go really sappy with a beautiful antique lamp, watch or necklace and then include a note that says, "Some things only getter more beautiful with age, like you and this watch"

or show how observant you are by finding a signed copy or special edition of her favorite book or album

or show what a stand-up family man you are by single-handedly planning a day to get new family portraits

or show how thoughtful you are by hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean of your home while she's at work!

And if you can afford a trip to Hawaii, Mexico or at least a cruise ship, throw out all these ideas and go with that.


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