In wake of what is considered an outbreak of Measles, Gov. Jay Inslee Friday declared a medical state of emergency.

Officials with the Washington State Department of Health say 25 of the 26 reported cases are in Clark County, which is where Vancouver, WA is located--across the Columbia River from Portland. Officials offered no explanation as to why the outbreak appears to be concentrated in that area.

The other case is reported in King County. Children commonly get what's called the MMR, or Mumps, Measles Rubella vaccine, officials say this is the best way to prevent the disease.

Measles are easily contagious, spread by coughing, sneezing and other such transfers. It can lead to other serious complications, including respiratory issues. Measles symptoms include reddish brown raised rash, feels like sandpaper; starting in the face. It rapidly spreads to rest of body and torso, and quickly triggers a fever. Many victims have seen their body temp reach as high as 104, which can be very harmful to infants and small children.

For more information or to get immunized, talk to your local doctor, or inquire at a health clinic.

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