Spring a good time to check. (Townsquare media)
Spring a good time to check. (Townsquare media)

You'll have to excuse the scribble on the recall card, I was taking notes.

Officials say springtime is a good time to check your vehicle for safety recalls

If you're fortunate or pay attention to your mail, you might have gotten a card if you're vehicle is subject to a safety recall. But if not, the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) says spring is a good time to check, just to be safe.

A good idea to make it part of your auto routine before you get ready for summer vacation travel.

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Some of these recalls have been going on for some time, for example, I drive a 2012 Dodge Ram crew cab SLT (yeah, it's got a Hemi!) and I received this card something like 18 months ago.  I called, and found out the parts are on backorder, and I've been waiting. But that's another story--the shortage of new cars and parts.

  Officials say coming out of winter, a lot of manufacturers issue recalls in the spring or it's a good time to check.

The NHTSA has a website, where it's easy to find out if there are any recalls on your vehicle. You just find the VIN number, if you're not sure where the Vehicle Identification Number is, it's either on a panel inside the driver's door (on the edge that's hidden when the door is closed) or up on the dashboard, in a recessed panel just up from the windshield.

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The VIN number is the "DNA" of your vehicle, everyone is different. Go to the NHTSA website, put in the VIN, and it will let you know if any recalls are out.

To go to the website, click on the button below.  It's a good thing to stay on top of, because some recalls can potentially be significant.

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