Cameron Smith, the kidnapped employee of a Spokane pot shop, has been found dead according to news reports. Both main suspects in the case have been arrested: Donovan Culps and his niece 18 year old Violetta Culps. A third woman was also arrested in connection to this case named Alisha Jackson. She was arrested for a federal charge of failing to report a felony because police think she was present during the kidnapping.


The suspect in a kidnappingmissing persons case has been arrested but the victim is still missing. That man, Donovan Culps, was arrested near Goldendale on Thursday according to news reports. Police say that Culps and one woman were involved in the kidnapping of a pot shop employee named Cameron Smith who is still missing. They abducted him while he was sitting outside eating his lunch.

Police found Smiths SUV parked near Airway Heights and his wallet was found on the Spokane Indian Reservation by a construction crew.

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