According to the Grant County Sheriff's Department, the land owner just wants to be left alone. That's probably why the Department waited until Friday to release this information.

Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones Friday said a piece of debris from the Falcon 9 Space X unmanned rocket that re-entered the atmosphere last Thursday night came down in a field on this privately owned land in southwest Grant County.

Jones said it was a Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel, and it has since been recovered by Space X.  Apparently based upon reports of specific pieces of debris landing in various areas, the company reaches out and attempts to recover the pieces; especially if they're resuseable or can offer important scientific data.

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Sheriff Jones reiterated the debris is long gone, and the landowner and location will be left private; likely to avoid a horde of 'media' or others who want to question or see where it specifically landed.

It was loaded on a trailer and taken away, presumably several days before the information was released.

The Space X Rocket Falcon 9 showered the Pacific Northwest and other regions with lights, blinks and debris as it re-entered the atmosphere after being in space orbit Since March 4.

Thousands of people saw the display and according to KIRO-7 TV in Seattle, this second stage rocket re-entered a little later than scheduled; putting it's plunge down over the Pacific Northwest instead of the North Pacific Ocean.

No other reports of any debris in Eastern Washington were reported, at least none that we have seen.


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