Sometimes making a quick turn can lead to unexpected results as witnessed by the Pasco Police Department.

A single-car accident near E Dock Street and S Road 10 E is a head-scratcher as it takes a special kind of person to accomplish this feat - leaving a car teetering on a Pasco embankment.

The Pasco Police filed this report on their Facebook page:

Officer Ramos responded to a call of a single-vehicle off the road/crash near E Dock Street and S Road 18 E for a car that made a turn....and fell off the edge of a rail spur embankment. Both males in the car escaped any major injury, and the dog was unharmed too.

There was a strong odor of intoxicants (alcohol for most of us), coming from the driver; who also performed poorly on standardized field sobriety tests. He was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. He later provided two breath samples reading .188/.191, nearly two and a half times the legal limit!

car 2

Additional highlights:

The driver had a requirement to have an ignition interlock on any vehicle they prevent this type of thing. Which they didn’t have.
Their driver's license was also suspended.
To top it off, the trip permit they were using was expired and illegal.

I for one am glad that the dog was unharmed and glad that the Pasco Police Department was on the case - I will say this, if this driver is this talented at balancing his car, he should try Jenga in jail...he'd be great at it.

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