I was a firefighter on Sept. 11, 2001. My entire firehouse spent that morning trying to arrange flights to New York City so we could help. The 9/11 Memorial at Southridge Sports Complex is special to me. I visit it every year in September and believe everyone in Tri-Cities should.Kennewick police are currently searching for someone who scratched a name and a cross into the steel beams at the memorial!

They are open to the possibility the vandal scratched someone else's name -- the same way one may carve a lover's name into a tree trunk.

It's such a juvenile and disrespectful act!

One should never carve a name into a tree that belongs to the public, like at a park. Even worse would be to scratch a name into the side of a cliff or something at a state or national park. But trees and cliffs don't mean anything. This was someone scratching a name into a memorial! I can't believe it.

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