What began as some stucco patchwork on a Pasco elementary school has turned into a large construction fix.

  Soffits collapse in the courtyard of Mark Twain School

A soffit is either wood or cement board that is used to cover the underside of a roof overhang. It's designed to protect the structure as well as look more aesthetic.


(Dave Peterson)
(Dave Peterson)

A number of weeks ago, according to your source and the Pasco School District, the soffits in the courtyard at Mark Twain collapsed. The west side soffit collapsed all along the wall, and the east side apparently showed some distress as well.

The soffits collapsed after school was out for the summer, fortunately, no students were present when it happened. These pictures, supplied by a worker, show the damage from the collapse.

The District had reached out to the contractor about some patching and stucco work, but upon arrival school officials and the workers had found the collapse.


(Dave Peterson)
(Dave Peterson)

We heard from Pasco, via Public Information officer Anna Tensmeyer, who told us via email:

"We did have a few soffits collapse in June, and we are currently in the process of replacing and restructuring all of the soffits at Mark Twain. They will all be replaced prior to school starting at the end of the month. "

We do not specifically know what caused any of the distress or fatigue to the soffits, but according to our source who is working on the project, there is a rain gutter behind the soffit. It is possible that snow, ice, and water breached the gutter and got into the soffit construction causing fatigue.

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As a precaution, soffits are being replaced even in areas where the collapse did not occur.

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