According to Yakima City officials, a large commercial building has been 'red tagged' as unfit for use, at least until the inspector can determine if it will stand up due to weight of snow on roof.

With the huge amounts of snowfall this February, we're surprised more buildings have not experienced this, but officials the the large structure located on 3rd Ave. is showing signs of weakening in certain areas.  The size of the building was not mentioned, but it's said to be one of the larger ones in the area.

Buildup of snow has possibly compromised the structure and walls. Officials say there's visible signs of walls caving.

They emphasize anyone who's been in the path of the storm should, if possible, assess their structures to make sure snow weight isn't causing damage.

And, they urge people to not try to remove it themselves, especially if it's a larger, taller building. Roofs can be slick, and once the snow is loosened, it can all come sliding off very fast, taking you with it.  Consult a property management company or contractor that advertises such snow removal.

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