As of Wednesday, some Richland residents who were used to dining at Shari's got a jolt.

The restaurant, according to sources, has closed its doors permanently. A sign was in the window informing customers of the fact.

The restaurant, located on GW Way near the Safeway Grocery complex, had been there for many years. While the closing is not believed to be direct "COVID" related, Shari's restaurants, in general, have undergone some upgrades and changes over the years.

The chain currently has about 92 locations, according to fall 2020 data. Since 2018, the company has done some reorganizing. A handful of locations were closed, items that didn't sell were replaced on the menu with newer ones; many stores received some minor facelifts with more modern-looking interiors.

The restaurant chain still remains famous for its pies.

The chain, which began in Hermiston, OR in 1978, remains a popular venue for many people in Eastern WA. Reports indicate the Kennewick location will remain open, and reportedly some Richland workers have been able to transfer to that location.

While the restaurants in Kennewick and Spokane seemed to retain business, corporate-wide overall their five-year growth rate leading up to 2018 had been -1.3 percent.

No official word was given as to exactly why the Richland location was shuttered.


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