One of my favorite places to eat breakfast is The Crazy Moose Casino in Pasco and yesterday I went to fill my belly! When I sat down I noticed a new feature on the table and my feeling are torn! Each table is equipped with a "button" to call your server to your every beck and call! Your options are "pay bill" "service" or "cancel." I have been in the food service and bar industry my whole life and as a server I HATE the idea of this but as a customer I LOVE it!! I would probably never push that button and call my server but I enjoy having the option! What do you think? Do you love it or hate it?

I always receive wonderful service when I go to the Crazy Moose, so I didn't have to use my button, I always order the Traditional breakfast and always leave with a full happy belly. Plus, they seriously have the BEST TOAST IN THE WORLD!