Just Joel's is a Tri-Cities restaurant sensation and grows more popular as each day passes. They are known for their exceptional, hearty breakfast plates. Their Facebook rating is an astonishing 4.9 stars and people are just raving about the food. Here are some of those reviews;

"This was my first time eating at Joel's. As soon as I found out they had Eggs Benedict, I knew I had to try some. That is how I judge a good breakfast spot. Then I found out they had homemade corned beef hash and I knew what I would have on trip #2. That was some of the best Eggs Benedict EVER. Utter perfection! He couldn't have made it better. It was like, eyes rolling to the back of your head with delight after each bite, phenomenal. The portions were so generous you could not see ANY of the plate under the food! The service was top notch, the staff is awesome, totally attentive and so friendly! I couldn't ask for anything to be improved... except maybe adding a small, cool room in back with some loungers for a power nap after eating such an incredible meal! I can't wait to return!" ~Julie

"Great breakfast, great service! I'll definitely be back!
Update: we went back today because my mom is in town and she loves good breakfast. When we walked in it was fairly busy for a Monday morning but we're more than willing to be patient! Our server was quick to greet us and another employee came over and took our food order. We didn't have to wait long for food and our food was absolutely amazing like usual. I highly recommend this place for the food, the customer service, and the owner posts some great memes on his page while also taking good care of his employees. Thanks for being walking distance from our house!" ~Kayla

"Lunch is just as good as Breakfast!!! I had the sweet Ruben and it was good however the fries and fry sauce was the bomb. The staff was fantastic and friendly as always!" ~Dillon

However according to this funny street sign there is one dude in the world that apparently had "the worst meal he's ever had in his life."


We recommend you go check them out and be your own judge! For full details about Just Joel's click the button below.

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