Baby goats are coming back to the Tri-cities! The kind you can rent, anyway. How would you like to have a live baby goat delivered to a friend or business? It's all to benefit the Wishing Star Foundation and they do it once a year in this neck of the woods. The Wishing Star Foundation grants wishes to children with terminal, life-threatening or medically complicated conditions. They also support their families beyond the wish.

 For a $60 donation to wishing star, you can send a baby goat to an unsuspecting friend or family member. Or how about someone at work? Then the recipient of the goat can make a donation of any amount to pay for the removal of the goat once they've had their fill! Goat deliveries do comply with covert 19 guidelines, as Wishing Star volunteers will be wearing masks and bring sanitizer and wipes. If you'd like to find out more information or to order a baby goat, click HERE.. Don't want to mess with the hassle of an actual goat in the office or have one around somebody who might be allergic? No problem! Wishing Star also sends virtual goats. The virtual talking goats will deliver a cute message to your recipient. See virtual goats below!



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