The Seattle Seahawks return to the field this this Sunday at 5 pm in LA against the Chargers for their first pre-season game. You can watch it locally on Fox. There are high expectations this year on both offense and defense, and here are a few things I think you should watch for that could be cues to how good we really are.

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    Offensive Line Improvement

    Last year was one of the worst in recent memory for our offensive line unit, but they have improved greatly in the off-season. Picking up two experienced lineman with Luke Joeckel and Oday Aboushi helps as to the knowlege gained last season. George Fant looks much improved and the line should be able to protect Wilson much better then last year.

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    Russel Wilson Taking Another Leap

    Russell Wilson is healthy, fast, and is getting more reps in practice this year. That should add up to quite a show and I hope we get to sample some on Sunday. In the mock game, Wilson was very steady and moved the ball well. He looks primed to have his best year yet.

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    Watch Multiple Running Backs

    This year we have an amazing lineup of running backs with Eddie LacyThomas Rawls and C.J. ProsiseWatch for big plays from all 3 backs. Rawls has been showing even greater speed then before. Lacey is trim, in shape, and ready to run people over and Prosise has already been making huge plays in practice. Look to Prosise to have the greatest improvement this year.

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    Jimmy Graham Will Be Amazing

    Maybe not in this first pre-season game, but this is the year I think Jimmy Graham is going to reach his potential with the team. With a full training camp this year, unlike recovering from injury last year, Jimmy has been hitting his stride and is said to be unstoppable in practice. Look for huge things this year from number 88!

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    Return of Spectacular Defense

    Last year was disappointing for defense, even though he finished with a decent year in stats. This defense has the expectation to be the best in the league and they have added depth that will help them maintain that level through the long season. This legendary defense is coming back healthy, meaner, and stronger then ever. They also feel the time is now for another championship. Anything less then the Lombardi at the end of 2017 will be a major disappointment for them.

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