Seattle is making headlines again. This time it's not because of rampant rioting or anything! It's because of good old-fashioned booze. The Sea-Tac airport is the first in the whole nation to now offer a shot bar. The idea of a shot bar is nothing new, but they're a new thing for airports apparently. Since gathering is an issue in what is usually a very crowded spot, why not just have your shot and go! That's the idea behind the new shot bar that will be located on Concourse B at Sea-Tac airport. According to reports, a shot will cost you $7, or you can get a double for $10. Now you can shoot your alcohol and skip the gathering. Disposable little red shot cups? Of course! So it's nice to know that the days of sitting in an airport bar, sipping on beer or some watered-down mixed drink, trying to get relaxed before that business meeting or visiting the in-laws are over. Now it's wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am and liver beware because we're boarding in 15 minutes!  And if you think you're going to walk up to the Shot Bar and get ya some delicious 'peanut butter whiskey', you be.........right! Lots of specialty brands and flavors will be available.

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