While shopping at Walmart, early Saturday morning, a good friend of mine (she has asked to remain anonymous, so we will call her Jane) had a very frightening experience and I feel compelled to warn others. Jane had just finished with her CrossFit class and was still dressed in her workout clothing (probably more revealing than a normal shopping day outfit). She had to make a quick trip to Walmart before she started her workday.  As she shopped she noticed an older man following her and watching her closely. She described her experience as hair-raising because the hair on the back of her neck was standing up. The store was empty, due to the early morning hours so she felt alone and a bit nervous.

The man followed her and made it clear, in her mind that he wanted to approach her. It wasn't until she went to the self-checkout line that he finally did. He followed her to one of the MANY open registers and finally spoke. What came out of his mouth was shocking and she looked around for anyone who could possibly help if she needed it. There was only one other young gal if she needed to yell for help, so she felt helpless.

The man complimented her on her body and invited her to take part in adult films! He told her that there was a big need for "models" and lots of money to be made. Scared to death she sternly said, NO, finished her transaction, and all but ran to her car. Should she have called the cops? Maybe... but he didn't harm her or try to convince her to come with him. So where do we draw the line these days? If this was my daughter I would want the cops involved! Was he just shopping and saw an opportunity or was he there actually scouting young girls?

Such a crazy situation and just downright scary. After Jane was safely away from him and made sure she had not been followed she called me to tell me what had just happened. She plans to alert the authorities but I wanted to send out a warning to all young ladies out there shopping alone today in the meantime! Please be safe and if it feels wrong say something!



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