Calling all Sasquatch believers! It appears a sasquatch was spotted on a WSDOT webcam. I don't know the legend of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Do you believe it?

Now, here's the deal. The tweet was from last year and according to WSDOT, it was a wood cutout nailed to the tree. Nonetheless, people LOVE to believe in the legend.

On Facebook, I saw 3 groups devoted to Bigfoot believers and sightings. And, there is the Minnesota Bigfoot Research team. I interviewed the founder while working for a radio station there, last year. They were hosting The Minnesota Bigfoot Conference. These people are serious about the legend of Bigfoot.

In fact, on the MN Bigfoot Research Team website, you're encouraged to share your Bigfoot sighting and talk with the team.

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In Oregon, Bigfoot is big business. There is a Bigfoot Lover's Guide to Oregon. Who knew?

Half human, half-ape, huge and heavily hairy: The elusive creature known as Bigfoot, according to legend, has roamed the forests of North America for hundreds of years to the delight of fans young and old.

The site offers believers many opportunities to channel their inner Bigfoot/Sasquatch. There are several ways to enhance your Bigfoot experience in Oregon.

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