In the U.K., Santa got his beard stuck while rappelling down from the ceiling of a mall and dangled there helplessly for half an hour until someone freed him. Old Saint Nick may be hundreds of years old, but he really needs to work on making an entrance.

The mall Santa, who was played by British Army soldier Steve Chessell, was supposed to rappel from the ceiling during the Christmas light festivities at Broad Street Mall in Reading. But his beard became hopelessly stuck in the ropes and he needed another military man to cut him loose.

Apparently, Chessell could have freed himself by removing the fake beard. But according to the mall's marketing manager, Stephanie Maynard, he "didn't want to let the children down" by shattering the illusion.

Well, we definitely appreciate Chessell's attempt to maintain appearances. But based on the video footage, it was already way too late for that.

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