From the Pasco PD Facebook page:

QUAD ALLEGEDLY USED AS A WEAPON: Ryan C. Bradfield, DOB 072380 of Eltopia, was arrested by Pasco officers and FCSO deputies at about 1:19 AM after a lengthy investigation and manhunt that had its roots in earlier events but really flared up starting at 10 PM Thursday night in west Pasco. Bradfield was booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Assault 2nd Degree DV, Robbery 2nd Degree DV, and Malicious Mischief 2nd Degree DV.

Pasco PD Facebook 9-7-17 - 1

Officers had contacted Bradfield and his wife previously during domestic disputes, but at about 10 PM Thursday, Dispatch began getting calls from the neighborhood of Tusayan/ Santa Fe, near McGee Elementary School, that there was a screaming woman in the street, a male driving a quad (or ATV, or four-wheeler), and a male who had been run over by a quad. There were additional reports that the driver of the quad was taking off southbound on it.

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Officers arrived in the area to find a male, later identified as a former roommate of Bradfield’s, laying face-down on the ground after being hit by the quad. The female, Bradfield’s currently estranged wife, was nearby, and her car was dented, allegedly after being hit by the quad. Accounts from witnesses lead officers to believe that Bradfield deliberately hit the male and the car, and that he used force to take property. The male was medically treated and released that same night.

Officers spent quite a bit of time chasing reports of the quad going this way, the quad going that way. There were several witnesses who had seen it. Officers checked locations in Pasco for Bradfield without finding him. Eventually, Pasco officers joined up with FCSO outside Bradfield’s mother’s house in Eltopia, located him there, and arrested him without incident.

There are details we are obviously leaving out. Victims are not being named. Children were involved and present for parts of this. There were originally allegations that he possessed weapons, but he is not accused of using anything but the quad and his hands as weapons in this case. The investigative holds are for crimes involving intent, and if that can’t be proven in court, charges like Vehicular Assault and Hit-and-Run could be considered. There were unavoidable delays in spots, and the whole process took a long time. Officers finished up in Eltopia at 3 AM and were done processing evidence at 5 AM. Pasco case PP17-43015 Assault.