Hot hot hot and the A/C is cranking, so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. Officials are worried that the power and electrical companies that serve the Tri-Cities may experience rolling blackouts. Many residents in Kennewick had a power outage Sunday evening, not related to electrical overuse, and fortunately, it was fairly brief. CHEERS TO THE WORKERS THAT TACKLED IT!

Remember, if you have power and your friends and family don't and you really don't care to have them actually in your house, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING.

**Turn on your sprinklers and invite them over for a slip-n-slide type party. You don't even need a slip-n-slide, just keep the water going.

**Tell them to drive over and you'll meet them in the driveway. If their vehicle A/C works well, tell them you'll be right back. Then wait until they leave. Now they will then understand the wonderment of air conditioning that was in their driveway all along.

Just tryin' to help over here...stay cool my friends.



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