I'm a fan of Roasters Coffee, and though I've become an expert in making my own iced coffee at home, I do visit the coffee drive-thru at the large chains and small shops once in a while. So when all is said and done with the change-over at Roasters, I hope they don't change anything. An Oregon chain called Black Rock Coffee Bar has purchased Roasters, according to reports. I guess the change-over is not a priority, as the purchase happened in January, and we won't see any changes until this fall.

Now, for those who wonder why your iced coffee at home sucks, let me tell you how to make just like the coffee shops! I actually had this conversation with my daughter recently, who said they just pour their favorite creamer into coffee left in the pot from the morning brew. THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO IT! Once I told her about the wonder and glory of an espresso maker, she immediately went on Amazon and ordered one.

Mine is a very inexpensive Mr. Coffee brand espresso maker. I use a shot or two of espresso, some sugar-free caramel syrup, and skim milk. Ice it down and it's every bit as good a what you get at the coffee shop! You can use any syrup flavor you like. My wife like the Mounds Bar coffee concoction: 1/2 mocha syrup and 1/2 coconut syrup. Easy peasy. You may have to shop around to find a good variety of syrups. I get mine at US Foods Chef'store off why 240 in Richland (formerly Smart Food Service). They have a huge wall with every flavor imaginable and a great selection sugar-free choices.

BTW, what the difference between coffee and espresso? They're both just coffee beans, but espresso is roasted darker and ground super-fine.


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