A Richland Zoom class student displayed his airsoft gun and the friggen world went nuts. I just can't understand the stupidity. It's a toy, not a threat. It's spring loaded, no gun powder. It shoots little plastic balls, not bullets. Every 10 year old should have one. I have a couple of them and they are great fun.

Perhaps this was just an over reaction and everyone was sorry for the knee-jerk. But police were called, wasting their time. Did the school faculty ask the child what kind of gun it was? If not, they should have and then the problem would be solved.

In the story link below, Show and Tell is mentioned. If that is true, then showing a toy gun should be allowed. If the kid was just displaying to show off his cool toy, then he should be asked what the gun is, and once they found out it was a toy, ask him to put it away until after class. There, not isn't that a whole lot more simple than the big hassle everyone created? Read the story and see what you think:


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